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Efficia CM150 Series Monitor with Assurance & Value

•    A range of screen sizes 15" and a choiceof configurations for different patient types andlevels of acuity
•    Easy-to-use interface. Choose either anoptional touchscreen or standard trim knobuser interface.
•    Solidly built and reliable; able to handle heavyworkloads, physical knocks, and electrostaticinterference
•    Designed to be light and portable for flexibledeployment
•    Optional changeable batteries, for continuedmonitoring during transport or to seamlessly
•    Choice of physiological measurements
•    Selection is possible for dual InvasivePressure, Capnography (Mainstream orMicrostream) and Cardiac Output (for CM120 & CM 150 only)
•    Ready for plug-and-play connectivity toPhilips Efficia Central Monitoring
•    48 hours of full disclosure data on board(optional);
•    Retrospective reviews forenhanced decision making



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